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    2 Years With Listers Health: Safeena Kauser’s Story

    2 Years With Listers Health: Safeena Kauser’s Story

    I started Listers Health in 2015 and I can honestly say it has saved my life! I would recommend it to all women who are experiencing medical problems like I was.

    There are a number of people behind the motivation and behind my success, which took me 2 years (and still going strong!). The first is the instructors at Listers Health, not only did they help me lose weight, but helped me with my medical problems.

    To break it down: My cholesterol was high, now it has become normal. I had so many aches and pains, now I have none what so ever. I had no self-confidence, now I love being in my own body! I lost A LOT of weight, built strength and stamina at Listers Health!

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    I met the instructor Fazz who told me about Listers Health and what they were promoting. I couldn’t help but join because I heard so much about their support and help. Fazz has been a blessing in disguise, with her help,  I have learnt a lot about food and portion size that I am meant to be having. I now believe in clean eating, NOT diets. I have now enough energy to have climbed the 3 Peaks this year in 24 hours…is that pure energy or what????!

    The advice I would give is to NEVER GIVE UP, believe in yourself and listen to fitness instructors who have the passion to help others. I believe that we are our own problem and are our own solution. I could recommend so many classes but it all boils down to how much you will PUSH YOURSELF.

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    Everything about Listers Health is great! Hygiene of this place is amazing. I suffer from OCD and this by far has been the cleanest gym I have known. The steam and sauna are lovely and clean. They are classes by different types of instructors, who motivate you and go that extra mile, it is one of the highlights of this place for me.

    “Failure will never overtake me if determination to succeed is strong enough” –  My name is Safeena Kauser, and I lost 9 and a half stone (60.3 kg) so far… 

    saf after picture

    If you missed our first inspiring member’s fitness journey, you can read it here!


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