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    3 Reasons Why You Need to Sweat

    3 Reasons Why You Need to Sweat

    Ladies, making enemies with your sweat glands is like unfriending your best friend, your GHD straightener, and the world’s entire supply of chocolate. All at once.

    Or to that effect.

    In this article, we’ve delved into 3 confidence-inspiring reasons you will want to sweat more.

    Whether it’s during an exciting and energetic class at Listers Health, a chilled walk at Listers Park, or during your morning run on the treadmill this weekend…

    We get it. Sweating is not something you publicly enjoy — but after knowing these 3 amazing benefits of sweating, you’ll begin embracing more — your body’s natural — and intelligent air conditioner.


    1. Boosts Happy Hormones

    Glance around any Listers Health class today, tomorrow or during this weekend’s lunch-time Spin session — (which you can view here)— you’ll find ladies break sweat in bucket loads.

    You’ll see all kinds of perspiration, and intense break-outs, running copiously from head to toe.

    Having said this… ladies love it. The fierce rush of excitement coupled with exercise is enough to warrant no complaints of pain and ache. Nope, not a single drop.

    You see, exercising increases the level of feel-good hormones called ‘endorphin’. These hormones are released naturally, and what you’ll be surprised to know are the findings of a recent 2009 study published in the journal ‘Biology Letters’. [1]

    They found, group workouts significantly INCREASE endorphin levels and cause LESS workout pain, for ‘those who work out together, than those who train alone’. [1]

    So the next time you’re running low — buddy up a free day pass with a friend – and experience the thrilling sensation of working-out at one of Bradford’s newest ladies Gym. [2]

    2. Tells how fit you are.

    Incredibly, sweating isn’t just a way for you to boost happy hormones, but it’s a soft indicator to revealing just how healthy you are.

    A prominent study conducted in Japan (2010) examined — how fit men and women — sweat in response to working out, and compared their sweating rates to those — of unfit people. [3]

    “Fit people not perspire more, but they also start sweating lot’s sooner during exercise” says study coauthor Yoshimitsu Inoue of Osaka International University. [3]

    The science behind this is pretty simple to explain.

    The differences between fit and unfit people corresponds to each person’s ability to generate heat — when — and how fast.

    Dr. Craig Crandall, a professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center explained “A high fitness level allows you to exercise at a higher workload, which generates more heat, which in turn leads to more sweat”. [4]

    3. Fights off pesky Germs.

    You probably had no idea, but sweating during exercise is a powerful tool to fight not only tuberculosis germs but a host of additional germs. [5]

    If you thought Garlic had only the wondrous powers to fight viruses and bacteria within your body, think bigger. No.. even BIGGER. [6]

    Dr. Diane De Fiori, a dermatologist in Melbourne, Australia argued “Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides effective against viruses, fungi AND breaking down bacteria till there’s no more”. [7]

    And a further study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences proved ‘dermcidin’ (present in sweat), is far more effective at eating up germs in the long-run, than traditional antibiotics — since germs can’t develop a strong enough resistance to ‘dermcidin’. [8]

    What’s your takeaway? If it’s salty, and slightly acidic sweat — you’re doing great. It’s the best kind of sweat.

    So the next time you’re sweating furiously, feel confident. It’s completely natural, healthy and beneficial in the long run for you.

    After all, plenty of research points in your favor.


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