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It’s time to turn our workouts up a Blaze…

Listers Health are paying close attention to some of the amazing fitness trends coming out this year, but there has been one that has truly resonated with us, so much so we just had to invite them around to teach us! We don’t just think, WE KNOW this will go down as a treat with our members…trust us when we say you are going to have a lot of fun in this one.

We are of course talking about BhangraBlaze, which is an amazing calorie “blazing” fitness workout that uses basic but powerful moves from Bhangra, itself is a dance from the Punjab area of India, and that is used to celebrate harvest time along with the festival of Vaisakhi.

Bhangra features heavily in the world of Bollywood, with many of the dance routines incorporating the moves. This is NOT a dance class but uses easy to follow ballistic movements, meaning that no prior dance experience is needed. This repeated motion ensures an incredible calorie blazing workout, and helps build stamina and endurance. The health benefits are that you’re going to increase your lung and cardiovascular capacity with this workout. You are going to be using your leg muscles mainly, which are the biggest muscles in your body that is going to increase your calorie burn, but the biggest health factor of BhangraBlaze is it’s FEEL GOOD FACTOR! You will just feel wonderful at the end of it, whatever kind of day you’ve had. Not forgetting the upbeat Bhangra music that lifts you to push yourself even further.

The best thing we often hear about BhangraBlaze is that the workout is almost like having a workout without feeling like you’re having a workout. Most people that come and leave the class feeling wonderful. The plus is at least you can learn some dance moves that you can bust out at any parties you go to. It truly gives you the feeling of total euphoria at the end of your session, it doesn’t feel like a conventional workout, which is the best way to keep yourself keen and motivated if you need to change it up at Listers Health.

BhangraBlaze classes will be hitting our timetable very soon, our amazing instructors are in the process of learning the workouts so we can teach our very lovely members! So keep an eye out, if you see our Lister Ladies randomly “breaking out the Bhangra”, you will know it’s on! Give the videos a watch, and show us that you’re interested by booking yourself in as soon as it becomes available!

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