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Ladies, while you’ve been crunching those calories — your friends at Listers Health (woohoo — yep us lot!) we’ve been running the sweat too! 😀 Be. Simply. Amazed. We’ve bagged our most loyal dudettes (yep ladies of course!) some nutrient-boosting, drool-worthy goodies! Yep, take and enrich in the nutritious delights of ONE of the highest-performing nutritional manufacturers Europe has come to know! And us — being your friends and all — we’ve managed to grab the attention of Simon, the chap who’s decided to treat You ladies — to some incredible deals/discounts and other exclusive-to-Listers-Health-only stuff!! We can’t wait! :O

Ladies, this is truly incredible.

Partnering one of Europe’s leading, and fastest-growing nutritional brands — Bulkpowders, NOW means you’ve a humongous range of nutritional drinks, powders, capsules — and nutrient-packing wholefoods! Yep, and stretching well OVER 1500 products for you to choose from! (And nope, that 1500 figure isn’t a typo). They quite literally have everything you’ll ever need to strengthen, and tighten-up your weight-loss plan. Green tea, bottled egg whites, premium-quality whey proteins? Of course!

So ladies, head on to bulkpowders.co.uk today and tickle your fancy!

Go on, what are you waiting for? 🙂


Oh and by the way. You’ll certainly be pleased to know — You’re ONE of first few ladies in Bradford — to benefit from this exclusive deal with our NEW partners Bulkpowders. In case, other ladies Gyms in Bradford follow us — at least you’ll know we’ll always keep you at the forefront of membership perks’ 🙂

We almost forgot! It’d be an absolute delight if you’d share this POST on FB and Whatsapp too! We heard that’s the new jazz nowadays. We’re kidding! We know what it is. In fact, go one better and surprise Bulkpowders with a LIKE on their FB page. Make sure to mention Listers Health too! 🙂


P.S Keep your eyes on the next email sent to you!! It’s important you do — as we’ll announce YOUR new special-offer code to SAVE you £’s and £’s on over 1500 nutritional products, and of course lots more exciting Club offers!

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