Bradford’s Heaton Road litter problem has been very much a topic of major concern for a long period of time. Maureen Coverdale, manager of Heaton’s very own ladies gym, Listers Health, had protested to Bradford City Council for two years about the issue until recent approval to clean up the area was finally granted.

Listers Health has been an important part of the community of Heaton for quite some time and the gym itself is known for taking pride in the area in which it is located. It is no surprise that the gym was known for being the brains behind this clean-up operation.

In emphasising the seriousness of the problem, Maureen speaks of a woman visiting Heaton from Birmingham, who claimed that the area looked “disgusting”. It is statements like these which make it extremely clear that such an intervention had to be taken for the good of the area.

The actual project started to take place on the weekend of the 1st of April and Maureen has highlighted that the clean-up session was “not just a one-off thing” and that it will certainly be “ongoing”.

With this in mind, it is planned that cleaning will take place once a week at Park View Road and every other week at Heaton Road, which is where Listers Health is situated.

The Council itself was known to have provided generous resources to make this clean-up happen, issuing sufficient cleaning clothes and equipment. Also, extra bins have been placed on streets in order to significantly reduce the amounts of litter.

The first clean-up session was said to have been very much a fun and collective experience, with participation from council members, residents and our very own Listers Team! Local shops even provided food for the cleaners.


Team Listers Health doing their bit to help keep Heaton clean.

As a result of the community spirit displayed, Maureen described the operation as being “very easy.”

When it comes to awareness about respecting the environment, “it is the young people that need educating”. Maureen also strongly encourages residents to take part in this intervention, stating that “people need to start taking pride in the area they live in.”

It is hoped, overall, that this entire intervention and the initiatives taken in favour of it would thereby stop people cluttering the streets of Heaton. Maureen also feels issuing littering fines would deter people further.


Residents working alongside local businesses in cleaning up Heaton, Bradford.

We can see that it is stances like these which highlight that as well as caring about the health & fitness of everyone in Heaton, Listers Health cares deeply about the actual state of its community. The gym does not want to see Heaton fall apart, and so the least the public can do is honour this wish and perhaps take part in the clean-up themselves. 

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