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You all know sugar right? Considered ‘sweet poison’ by many, and researchers alike, it’s really that bad. From health pandemics involving obesity, cancer and impaired… (Nope not here to scare you). And as a smart gymer (oh you didn’t know we’ve launched? :O), we at Listers Health have compiled 3 just-as-delicious substitutes for those of you who just can’t stay away from those sweet moments. Special K anyone?

So here’s our quick 3 guilty-pleasures to turn your saliva rampant:

Maple Syrup


Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is a 100% natural sweetener, and considered ‘healthier’ than plain ‘ole sugar. Yup. And contains desirable antioxidants known to fight off those pesky free radicals in the body (you know, the bad stuff known to cause problems with skin). Available in 3 types; light amber, medium amber and dark amber, we recommend you to get actual maple syrup, and not the maple-flavoured syrup.
Oh, and here’s a cool video how it’s made:




Okay, so this is like uhmm soil. Wait wait, it’s not that bad actually. In liquid form, it looks like your typical black coffee. But with a sweet, tempting taste – it contains an impressive array of minerals with iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium and copper all-inclusive! Not so bad, right? Oh and most of us at Listers Health are huge fans of molasses. In fact – our cupboards contain jars of it, you’d mistake us for a healthy confectionary store!



Stevia Plant

You can call this magic. King of all sweeteners. No really. It’s all-natural, contains zero carbs and calories? Nil. It’s now more widely used in certain soft-drinks as a safer, healthier option than added sugar. Originally a plant, it’s more commonly available as either liquid or fine powder. And, in a study vs. the other 2 giants (aspartame and regular sugar), Stevia helped lower both blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal compared to the other 2 sweeteners. Incredible!

Now you know ladies!

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