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The Insanity!

This is it.

The infamous Insanity Workout.

The group training class to force Bradford ladies at Listers Health to tremble the moment they sign-up to take part. Heavily reluctant to take the plunge, we find many ladies to drop out, and face the exit door in no time. Don’t let this dis-encourage you though, as there are numbers and numbers of eager, and ambitious ladies felt inspired by this popular workouts intense military-esque routine.

After all, it is, undeniably the most intense group training class offered at our ladies only Gym in Bradford.

What is the Insanity?

A specialized form of energetic and incredibly intense interval form of training that’d help bring out the sweat in partakers in little to no time. During The Insanity, you’ll be driven through an intense regimen, so ladies if you’re ever to take part, please do bring extra bottles of water to stay well hydrated. One of the core components of the Insanity workout is, you’ll be using no added weights, nor machines – just your own body-weight. [1]

Easy. Right?


Each workout is designed to escalate your heart rate at its max. Hold it there for a while. Sweat. Have a breather for a rather shallow 30 seconds, and you’ll be gasping for more air time. Insanity is designed to help keep you on your toes, and it’s not for the light runners. [2]

We repeat, not for the light-hearted!

What’s more?

The creators of this behemoth of a class claim ‘up to 1000 calories’ may well be burnt within an hour. [3] However, it’s very important to note this figure will drastically deviate from lady to lady, thus cannot be generalized to all that take part in our Insanity classes. Let’s just say, this class is the ‘be-and-end-all’ class for helping you enjoy fitness at it’s most challenging.

For better understanding your calorie expenditure during the Insanity classes, we totally recommend you use an exercise aid such as a heart rate monitor.

To find out how a heart rate monitor can help you, simply > click here <

If you’re ready to give Insanity a go, and see what the fuss is about…

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Would you end up like the lady below?

We certainly picture the ending of every Insanity class like this… 😛


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