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CALLING ALL MEMBERS: Your check-in can provide meals to the hungry. All you have to do is Check-in to Listers Health on Facebook and we will donate 1 meal for every Facebook Check-in to The Rohingya Emergency Appeal on your behalf! Your check-in could save a life!

The Rohingya Crisis, is one of the most desperate tragedies happening in recent times where more than 300,000 children have fled their homes, lost their parents or worse. Often described as the “Most persecuted minority in the world” They have little access to food, clean water, or medical care, and face the threat of malnutrition and disease.

We want our members and visitors to feel they their gym time can be used for more than just working out, it could be used to create a positive impact on the lives of the needy, as well their own. We feel this is going to be a tremendous motivation and encouragement for our members to visit increase their gym attendance and improve their health.

How to Check In…

If you’re not familiar with check-ins, it is a feature in Facebook that lets your friends know where you are. This small act of checking into Listers Health can create a big impact!

3 Check-ins could feed 1 person for an entire day!

We will publicise the total number of check-ins and amount raised inside the gym, and encourage everyone to check-in and support the cause if possible. If you don’t know how to check-in on Facebook, our staff can help and we will have posters inside the gym that will instruct you on how to do it.

Each month, we will select a new cause for you to support & donate towards.

Maureen, our Gym Manager (above) had a talk about this great cause! Let’s see YOU Check-in For Charity! The more you check-in, the more we will donate, and the more you will use the gym! Please share the video (that is on Listers Health’s Facebook) spread the word and let all Lister Ladies know that this is going on! Please also ask Listers Health staff if you don’t know how to check-in…we can show you!

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