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Listers Health is a women’s only gym in Bradford, and has gone through extraordinary lengths to become the biggest ladies only studio gym in the UK! With over 5000 members joining on a contract since its inception, we are now looking for gym investors to share in our expansion mission.

1. Who We Are

We are the UK’s most successful and fastest growing ladies only gym, with 485% member growth since the launch in 2015, we now have the secret formula in building a strong advantage over our market share in our niche business and are looking for health and fitness investors wanting to join us in our vision of additional sites that we intend to open.

2. What We Do

Since 2015, we have been on a mission to overcome the fear of judgment that is stopping many women from being active. We are a ladies only gym based inside the iconic Listers Mill in Bradford.

We have inspired so many members to achieve incredible things every single day, both inside and outside the gym, whether it’s overcoming mental or physical challenges, losing weight, toning up, improving fitness, getting that boost in confidence or just having fun in a women’s only space where you feel welcome to come and be themselves. Not only do we want women to be self-confident, but also to be healthy. We have helped them reduce their chance of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and others, simply by changing their daily lifestyle choices.

3. What We Have

We have over 8500 sq foot space, making Listers Health the largest Women’s only Studio Gym in Bradford, and quite possibly the UK. We have invested in over 100 fully owned, top-of-the-line fitness machines, as well as had multiple expansions on our facilities, studio space and a dedicated weights area, all in less than 3 years. In that time, we have also increased our member attendance tenfold and offered many diverse fitness programs and classes. The range of unique and energetic fitness are all geared around serving women, by customising exercise diets and fitness advice to serve a ladies only audience, we have built a sustainable place for women to workout without the intimidation of a mixed gym. Furthermore, we have a complimentary third-party business that resides inside Listers Health, which also serves our target market as it coincides within the skin care and beauty industry. 

4. Marketing

We have an established online presence through Google and Social Media, with the high visibility and the resources that were put towards our marketing, has resulted in an increase in brand awareness and has furthered our efforts to scale, help boost morale and improve motivation inside our gym.

5. Financials

With correct management and nurturing, Listers Health has seen significant growth since it was taken over by the current owners, with a demonstrable year on year increase in revenue and profitability. If you’re interested in more of our detailed financial information, please get in contact by using the email below.

6. Request

If you’re interested in becoming one of our fitness investors for Listers Health, please fill in our investor form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with further information > http://bit.ly/LHInvest

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