Intimidated by the weights room but want to reap the benefits of resistance training? Perhaps Pilates is for you!

What is Pilates?

In practice for over a hundred years and popularised through celebrity influence, the benefits of pilates still remain widely unknown to the vast majority. Pilates is a form of low impact exercise incorporating resistance training using one’s own body weight. It utilises focused breathing and specific movements to help achieve a more toned physique as well as possessing a multitude of other health benefits. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, thus a sustainable form of exercise to maintain throughout life.

Benefits of Pilates

    1. Increased flexibility and joint mobility. Not only will this help you maintain a good range of movement as you get older, but it will also increase performance and decrease the risk of injuries. 
    2. Stronger core muscles – optimising balance and decreasing the risk of falls. Something your future self will be thankful for! 
    3. Increased muscle tone and endurance.
    4. Weight loss.
    5. Improved sleep pattern.
    6. Decrease in pain like back pain – a prevalent problem within the population.
    7. Improved posture.
    8. Improved mental health. The controlled guided breathing will help you feel calmer and help you implement mindfulness into your daily life, easing stress and anxieties. 


Still confused on what Pilates is? See our instructor Jacky demonstrating a few common Pilates poses below! 

Bird Dog

Bird dog (or superman as Jacky prefers to call it)  is a popular pilates pose strengthening your core, improving balance and helping to reduce lower back pain.

The Hundred 

This pose combines mindful breathing and increased concentration – working to strengthen your core. 

See the different variations of this exercise below – each of varying difficulty levels.

Member Testimonials

Still not convinced? Read what some of our members have to say about their experience with pilates.

56 year old Shanaz Ahmed says: “Jacky explains everything clearly, telling us what part of the body each exercise is helping and how to carry it out in a safe way. Being 56, my primary focus is strength which Pilates has helped with –  strengthening my back and my upper body.”

Hifza, who just recently started attending the classes, proclaims: “I have only attended 3-4 sessions so far but have already noticed a difference in my hip pain; I also feel a lot better within myself already!”

So invest in your future self today by coming along and joining us in our Pilates classes led by our incredibly talented instructor Jacky! 




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