Women's-Only Gym & Wellbeing Centre

Listers Health WIP-Gym-Extension

..We’re almost there…

Listers Health are making very good progress with the expansion. The clean up process has begun, the partitions have been completely erected, the Mill walls have been sand-blasted, and the new flooring has just been purchased. The additional space is Just Massive! You will not be disappointed ladies!

We are currently in the process of getting the lighting in place to give the new space a good illuminated feel for when you are in there working out at night. External Mill windows in the new space will allow for natural daylight during the day while still maintaining your privacy as they are not see through.

There are a few more surprises to be announced later, and very soon we will be announcing the “actual” size of the extension and the date of the launch of the new space. If you want to join feel free to join our waiting list on our website www.listershealth.co.uk/get-ready-to-join and we will be in touch when places become available.

Still don’t believe us? Here’s some pics…

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