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Boxercise for ladies in Bradford

Get to Grips with BOXERCISE

What’s it all about?

Boxercise is a fun, energetic and eclectic mix of boxing and exercise that is incredibly addictive with ladies at our women’s only Gym.

Born in the early 1990s, boxercise is one of the more effective cross-training workouts designed to be intense, yet easy for anyone to take part in.

So whether you’re big or small, heavy or light, young or old; boxercise is a must if you want to chin-up, and try something a little different this week.

Being a non-contact form of exercise, you won’t need to compete with anyone, nor will you feel pressured to win gold in a contest.

It’s just you and other like-minded ladies – with the love for boxing, and our wonderful instructors to helping you shape up your fitness and skills in no time.


Who’s it for?

It’s for you, and other ladies you know who want to enjoy a pacey class with a creative mix of sport and exercise.

Our instructors often mention over-enthusiastic boxing fans are the first to sign-up for this class, however, even if you don’t know who Laila Ali is – you’ll still enjoy Boxercise for its superb upsides.

Boxercise is known for its benefits on your overall cardio, strength training, timing, and balance and boxing skills.


When’s it on?

Our women’s Gym in Bradford holds Boxercise classes EVERY Thursday between 7pm – 7:45pm or…

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Remember, boxercise classes are FREE to all new ladies who join Listers Health today on any membership plan (including our incredible £18.99pm off-peak plan!)

Boxercise in Bradford with Gym membership

Boxercise class times are correct as of August 2016.


Can I train for this class?

Of course, you can. Listers Health is equipped with world-class facilities from Life Fitness, and Star-trac which means you’ve got all the right equipment and support on becoming a Boxercise veteran.

Boxercise focuses more on your upper body and core area of your body.

Below we’ve recommended a few training exercise(s) that are designed to help you work on these areas so you can find the swing in your arm and get the torso twisting with ease.


Work on your arms and chest with the ‘Chest Press’ machine at Listers Health:

What do our trainer(s) say?

Ready to try out boxercise classes in Bradford?

Simply join today on any Listers Health membership plan, and experience the thrill of working out to over – 140 exciting classes – each month at our women’s only gym in Bradford.

Studio classes such as boxercise are a way for you discover a fitter and healthier you, without the realisation you are actually working out! (It’s that much fun)

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