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    • 03 AUG 15
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    Are you feeling tired? 5 tips to help energise your workouts

    Are you feeling tired? 5 tips to help energise your workouts

    So the summer is here: time to get the best out of your summer beach ready resolutions by coming to our ladies gym! But what if you’re too tired to go to the gym today? Still a little tired from the holidays? With these 5 tips to get your energy back, you’ll be ready to work out in no time!

    1. Drink enough water

    Are you feeling tired? Drink enough water

    Are you tired and do you have a headache? Maybe you just need a glass of water. Dehydration may cause a somewhat languid feeling and a nagging headache. Sometimes you don’t feel thirsty, but your body shows in a different way that you need water. The best solution is to drink water throughout the day. But if you have forgotten to drink water that day: drink two and a half glasses of water two hours before exercise.

    2. A shot of caffeine

    Are you feeling tired? A shot of caffeine

    Drink an espresso an hour before exercise and you will feel more energetic. Keep in mind that coffee dehydrates your body, which means that you will get tired. So stick with one espresso and wash it away with a glass of water.

    3. Give your body some time

    Are you feeling tired? Give your body some time

    Of course you can also ignore your tiredness and train anyway. But sometimes your body just needs some time to get into gear. So start with an exercise program on a calm intensity and get a short break after 10 minutes. By exercising, your body creates hormones that combat fatigue. Give your body some time to create these hormones and then you are ready to work out!

    4. Start with an interval exercise

    Are you feeling tired? Start with an interval exercise

    Research shows that an exercise workout triggers your muscles to work hard. That is why you should start your workout with a warm up followed by a short interval exercise. For example: walking on a treadmill for 6 or 7 minutes, followed by a couple of sprints.

    5. Back to basic

    Are you feeling tired? Back to basic

    Eating fresh, healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy will fuel you with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy and energised for longer. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day and avoid alcohol completely, as well as getting 8 hours a sleep every day which is vital to not just your physical health, but your mental health too.

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  • Posted by Aeda on 4th August 2015, 6:03 pm

    Hey guys
    I’ve been told by doctors today I have calcium defincy and very low in iron..
    Feeling exhausted all the time. Bad headaches and get short of breath even coming down the stairs…
    I need advice… What to eat… Plus when can I cum back to my second home … Missing u guys at the gym .. To top it all doctors have given me a pump for asthma

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