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    • 31 MAR 16
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    [Why to] Drink coffee before workouts

    [Why to] Drink coffee before workouts

    Did you know just the smell of coffee can perhaps be enough to reverse the effects of sleep deprivation on the brain?

    A team led by Yoshinori Masuo at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Japan found – when sleep-deprived participants were exposed to the aroma of rather strong coffee, 9 of the 11 genes important for brain function, switched on, and helped re-activate the brain. [1]

    Perhaps the smell is the reason why a staggering 70 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the UK. [2]

    But for those like you, who exercise and propel to lead a healthy lifestyle – this little bean can do more than seduce the dreary-eyed folk among you each morning.

    Below, we’ve listed all the more important reasons to consume coffee each morning before a jog, or before the afternoon’s spin class at your favourite ladies Gym in Bradford.

    If you’re anything like our trainers, you want to keep on exercising for as long as you can – especially during our superb array of classes at our women’s Gym.

    You see, our trainers know a great deal of food hacks & science which you could most definitely benefit from.

    Coffee in the right quantities may help you exercise for longer than you normally would.

    Detailed research and analysis carried out by none other than the European Food Safety Authority found that consuming over 75mg of caffeine ‘can help reduce perceived exertion and effort during exercise.’ [3]

    Which could help explain one of numerous reasons why triathletes and other performing athletes consume coffee as a legal performance aid.

    The more commonly known benefits of drinking coffee – to the wider population – is that it helps keep you focused.

    Glance around Bradford University’s randomly positioned litter bins and you’ll probably spot the odd Redbull can and various caffeinated coffee cups crushed into patterns of mosaic.

    Coffee’s a favourite among student circles, and athletes due its strong effects on concentration levels.

    The European Food Safety Authority found that consuming just 75mg of caffeine helps increase alertness and focus before and during workouts. [4]

    Since the effects of caffeine come about once you reach the magical 75mg dosage, you’d be required to consume between 1 – 3 cups of coffee according to [5]

    Further research conducted into caffeine content, found:

    • ‘Instant Coffee’ to contain between 30 – 90mg per drink (1-2 teaspoon of coffee). [6]

    • 8oz brewed cup of coffee to contain on average 95mg of caffeine.

    • A single espresso to contain on average 63mg of caffeine.

    • De-Caf cup of coffee to contain an abysmal 3mg of caffeine. [5]

    Whether you do or you don’t take prescription medications, please still consult with your doctor if it is safe for you to consider taking caffeine/coffee as an aid to improving your exercise bouts at the Gym.
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