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    • 22 MAR 16
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    Ladies in Bradford Try This App

    Ladies in Bradford Try This App

    Ladies in Bradford, it’s time to take your health, and your fitness into your own hands.


    It’s time to stop feeling helpless, and escape the difficulty of managing your food plans more easily, even during the hustle and bustle of a working day.

    And if you’re still using your phone’s default ‘Notes App’ to jot down what you’re eating and when.

    You’ve lost already.

    With now over 80% of visitors viewing Listers Health from a mobile [1], there’s never been a better time to get you and other ladies in Bradford your much-needed App upgrade.

    What are we talking about?

    Smart Apps.

    Not only is your phone your walkie-talkie, your messenger, and your favourite news outlet for viewing cat photos – it’s also the most powerful and constant reminder to check your fitness progress, and keep you motivated.

    Whether you’re at home – at Uni – or waiting at the school gate, fitness apps are ideal companions to help manage boring numbers. And help you continue living like normal whilst keeping on top of progress.

    We’ve rounded Listers Health’s top-voted fitness app designed to help make things easier for you. With the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database (over 5 million foods) according to its developers, it’s perfect if you’re not a fan of counting food stats OR obsessed with crunching food values at rear-side of labels. [2]

    My Fitness Pal

    My Fitness Pal

    My Fitness Pal

    Featured in The Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Telegraph and SELF, this is the app we recommend you download today.

    MyFitnessPal is designed to help you focus on healthy living. The app claims to be backed by medical studies, arguing the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to simply keep track of all the foods You eat.

    Simple right? We sure think so.

    The apps intuitive user interface is a breeze to work your fingers around, giving you a wealth of options to customize meal plans and track food values of just about every food there is (contains 5 million foods in its database).

    Just tell the app what you’ve eaten and the portion size; it will wholeheartedly calculate and champion a graph to show you what you’ve consumed, and what you still need to consume.

    Not taken enough Vitamin D? Went overboard on your carbohydrates? or looking to downsize to 1500 calories each day?.

    Let the app do its magic, and all you have to do is monitor the numbers and figure what nutrients you need to still take in.

    And with it’s huge library of food(s), either type your food values manually, or conveniently scan the bar-code on the food your eating.

    But before you do all this, it will ask you your age and weight to tailor it’s built-in shape up plans around you only.

    Try it out today! You’re sure to love it. We did.

    Cost: Free; Available on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Samsung/HTC etc.)



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