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    Ladies Gym in Bradford Offers 3 Months Extra

    Ladies Gym in Bradford Offers 3 Months Extra

    Ladies Gym in Bradford Listers Health pays for 3 months plan

    Bradford ladies, only one ladies Gym in Bradford is committed to helping you lose pounds, by paying you the pounds!

    Who else would offer you up to £74.97 for simply joining?

    Exactly. We didn’t think so! :O

    In celebration to your new life-changing decision to shape up. Get active. And reach for a healthier you. We’re helping you, and other Bradford ladies to run 3 MORE exciting months of membership — for absolutely £nothing extra! It sounds unbelievable, but it’s exactly what we’re doing!!

    We know what you’re thinking… “Is Listers Health crazy? Paying up to £74.97 towards 3 whole months of studio classes, Sauna/Steam Rooms and full access to free weights area too?!” — Are we crazy? If that’s what you’ll call it, Absolutely! :)

    Ladies, who else does this? Other than Bradford’s fabulous new ladies Gym on Heaton Road, Listers Health, we don’t think any other ladies Gym in the area does! :O

    So ladies in Bradford and around, now’s your perfect chance!

    Since you’ve decided now’s the time to STOP dunkin’ doughnuts. Dippin’ Oreo’s and sateing to Bradford’s many designer gelato outfits. Now’s your time — to eat up —  those milestones — you’ve dreamt of since last Autumn. So Get fit. Get active. And switch-up your health routine. Do it with new classes. Refreshed every 3 months. No, don’t be silly, you don’t just Yoga, feel free to take up over 40 calorie-torching classes including our free lung-busting Insanity classes too! That’s right! Say bye to boring, ‘premium’ paid classes, because at Listers Health, they’re all FREE!! :P Spin to Zumba and plenty, plenty more. Be truly free. Tone up. Be stronger. Run for longer. And Do it with like-minded ladies. In comfort. Without being judged. With over 40 bone-tinglingly exciting classes — be amongst Bradford’s more ambitious, super ladies. And Switch ON to every day of the week — to an array of excitement. Joy. And fitastic Fun. Unheard of in Bradford.

    Because, You Can. 

    Prefer the joyful flexibility of cardio equipment? Our ladies gym is fully equipped with stellar equipment from Life Fitness that’ll sure set your pulses racing. And You Can. In fact, do it with Sweat pouring. Jiggle. And do it red-faced. Without judgement. And no matter your size, skill or speed — we’ve tailored our ladies Gym for you to workout to built-in trainers on all our equipment, or have our lovely staff to assist you — with complete support. At every step of your fitness journey.

    One of our many proud assets of Listers Health, and one you’ll come to easily love, are the incredibly welcoming highly qualified, and super motivating staff on site. They’re all here to ensure you’ve 360 degree support, in and out of the Gym. That’s right. We’re on Social Media too, 24/7! :P

    Quite simply, only one ladies Gym in Bradford is committed enough to helping you drop the pounds, shape up and excite your workout schedule with 3 month’s extra membership — entirely free. And that’s us :P

    3 months extra for free? When YOU sign-up today, #YouCan.

    SAVE up to a mind-boggling £74.97 with 3 month’s extra membership for the price of well… £nothing. This means you’ll get 15 months instead of 12! Incredible.


    Looking to start immediately? Of course You Can! :)

    2016 is your turn to better

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