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National Fitness Awards 2019

National Fitness Awards

We had the pleasure of being shortlisted for one of the UK’s biggest fitness awards, in the “Ladies Only Gym Of The Year” category at the National Fitness Awards 2017 & 2019, an annual event, which recognises excellence and achievement in gyms throughout the country! The awards ceremony takes place at The Athena in Leicester. It is organised in conjunction with the leading fitness industry magazine Workout.

We are up against 6 of the best Ladies Only Gyms in the UK, so we always have to be at the top of our game, to be a counted as one of the Finalist for these awards was a massive achievement for Listers Health!


Listers Health has already made tremendous strides in expanding, growing and improving the gym since the award ceremonies. We are still very proud in what we have achieved in this short space of time…It’s only going to get even more better from here on out! We’d like to thank our members that have got us this far! We have high hopes we will come home with the gold!