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To qualify, simply tell us about your fitness journey and what you think of Listers Health by answering the 3 questions below on video using your smartphone.

  1. What are your fitness goals and why?
    Getting fit for the summer? training for an event?
  2. Has attending our classes helped? Guidance given by staff? Our atmosphere?
    How is Listers Health helping you to reach your goals?
  3. In one or two sentences, describe one thing you really love about Listers Health?

The Listers Health team will then select one lucky winner to be featured on our facebook page to help inspire other women to get fitter and will also be the recipient of 12 months of free membership (That’s a saving of over £200!)
To record your video review, visit the website below using your smartphones web browser and follow the on screen instructions






Terms & Conditions

1. By submitting a video review using a third party app, I give permission for Listers Health to use and publish, and/or distribute my image, likeness and sound of my voice as recorded on audio or video for the purpose of informing, inspiring and encouraging other women to get fit and healthy, in addition to qualifying for entry into our 12month membership giveaway.
2. By submitting my entry, I understand all photographic or video recordings of me may be electronically displayed online, and/or via print marketing and other marketing channels as chosen by Listers Health during this promotion, and hereafter.
3. By submitting my entry, I acknowledge that I have completely read and fully understand, and agree to be bound by the terms above.

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