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Recently, we have decided to revamp our beauty room located inside our gym!

Upon further considerations, we have changed our ‘Infusion Beauty Rooms’ to ‘Skin Architect’ to truly reflect our business and to gain its true potential, as you ladies do.

We hope to revitalise you ladies with new skincare routines and treat you the way you should! Skin Architect is who we really are and want to be and bring joy to the women of Bradford and surrounding areas.

As we are no longer focusing on beauty, it seemed inappropriate to be calling ourselves ‘beauty rooms’ when we no longer consider beauty to be a part of our range.

As we are making changes from beauty towards skin care, we are happy to announce our affiliation with the latest and innovative skin care from HydraFacial! HydraFacial uses patent technology to help improve the quality and health of your skin and leaves you with instantly better-looking skin that boosts your mood and confidence. After all, if your skin is good, so are you!

So just hold in there and keep fighting fit! We will have more information about the changes we are making on Skin Architect’s NEW website:

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