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    • 27 JUN 18
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    SUMMER IS HERE! Take advantage of our SUMMER SALE and pay NO JOINING FEE!

    SUMMER IS HERE! Take advantage of our SUMMER SALE and pay NO JOINING FEE!

    You might be wondering what gives Listers Health a compelling advantage over mixed gyms?

    We are a gym that serves ONLY WOMEN and is ran by ladies. We know our audience strongly values this, and therefore appreciate our complete 100% ladies only environment. Mixed gyms with ladies only environments tend to only have a small ladies only area with a mixed entrance and employee base of both genders, therefore it is not an attractive endeavor for you due to not fulfilling and meeting your needs. WE KNOW that you prefer a ladies only environment due to you seeking to feel comfortable in fitness attire and not feeling as though you are compromising your fitness in anyway. 

    The custom nature of our services compared to mixed gyms is that we are geared around serving only one gender, for example, research shows that ladies attend classes more frequently than men in mixed gyms, by being a ladies only gym, we are able to facilitate and specialise in the areas that are very specifically desired by ladies, that is classes! We can also customise our machinery and equipment that is most popular among a female environment. These are just a few things that you will benefit in joining our ladies only gym in Bradford!

    FOR YOU: Summer is here! Stay calm. There’s still time to slim-down, get fitter and stronger with our 12 Month Membership, now only £19.99 per month with NO JOINING FEE!

    Listers Health is helping all women in Bradford, just like you get beach ready, whether you’re a gym pro or a total newbie wanting to LOSE WEIGHT, be MORE ACTIVE or simply need help with managing a HEALTH CONDITION. With over 26 fun classes a week, sauna, fully refurbished steam room (coming soon), free weights, resistance machines and 10% off beauty treatments at our in-house beauty room, we have EVERYTHING you need to get you feeling great again, starting NOW!

    Use your FREE day pass

    , don’t forget you can use your free day pass! If you have not already used your pass*…you can download a day pass here! Feel free to use our gym and facilities for an entire day before making your choice! But don’t leave it too long!

    Get Back On Track

    We are the BIGGEST women’s studio gym in Bradford, with a humongous 50% increase in gym-space and with another extension on the way, means bigger and more exciting classes, and near-guaranteed space in all your favorite classes too. Did we mention that we recently taken another GIANT LEAP by doubling our cardio, resistance machines and gym equipment? Don’t believe us? Check out our NEW Virtual Tour of Listers Health!

    Listers Health Virtual Tour

    You won’t EVER have to go anywhere else. So, what’s your excuse?

    Here are a few things to look forward to:

    • 26+ High Energy Classes a weekGym/Free Weights Area, Relaxation Room, and a 50% OFF a Dermalogica Express Facial on sign-up at our in-house beauty room! You will also get 10% OFF Beauty Treatments when you become a member!

    • Receive a FREE “New Year New You” Guide full of food & exercise tips to get you started! It is but a taste of the kind of support we give all our members at the gym, BUT for this information to be much more effective, you need to put it into practice & join!

    • Receive our UPDATED Summer Guide when you join, full of nutritionally-balanced recipes and health tips to make you feel great over the Summer.

    • And not forgetting, you will officially be joining the Biggest Ladies Studio Gym in Bradford! An amazing gym made for women, run by women! We understand that YOU strongly value a 100% ladies only environment!

    National Fitness Awards Finalists!

    , the Listers Team were at the National Fitness Awards 2017…we unfortunately took second for Ladies Gym of the Year BUT we promise you, we will definitely put EVERYTHING in it to WIN next year…what this means for you is that we will be doing our damnedest to make your gym experience the BEST!

    And more exciting things will be happening in 2018, but wait…they are already happening, such as our BangraBlaze & Raggaecise classes, and we want YOU to be apart of them when they hit our timetable!

    A Year With Listers Health

    Not a member yet? You might be after reading these very inspiring member’s fitness journeys at Listers Health:

    We hope you’re SUPER motivated now…get back on track and make this YOUR SUMMER! Sign-up to our 12 month £19.99/month membership before 15/07/18 and pay NO JOINING FEE! Need more info about this or other memberships? Please call us on 01274 270 607 or DM us on Facebook!:

    If you would like to join at the gym (offline), please do the following…

    JOIN ASAP,  ↘

    1. Head to Listers Health immediately.

    2. Print or Show this email with your phone at the reception.

    3. Sign-up on the 12 Month Summer Slim Down – £19.99/month with No Joining Fee before 15/07/18!

    4. You’re now a member of Bradford’s BIGGEST Women’s only Studio Gym & National Fitness Awards Finalists! 

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