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    • 12 MAR 19
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    What Members Had To Say About Listers Health

    What Members Had To Say About Listers Health

    We have had many new members joining our gym, but if you’re still undecided about joining, then have a look at what some of our members had to say about their experience so far at Listers Health. We regularly send our members surveys and ask for any feedback of their experience at the gym, for the following reviews, we have kept their name’s private, but we have plenty of reviews and recommendations left on our Facebook if you will like to view them here: (4.8/5.0 Star Rating!)

    If you are one of our wonderful members and you’re happy to leave a review (it will only take a couple of minutes of your time), we’d appreciate it,  as it is still very important to us that it is from you and how proud we are to have a review from you for the work you’ve done and the gains you’ve have made will motivate other women in Bradford to make the changes they want to see in themselves!

    You can leave a recommendation on Listers Health Facebook by clicking here: Or by searching Google for “Listers Health”, once searched, you can leave a review on the right side. Thanks to our members, we appreciate the hard work you are doing, and we hope that your review can motivate all women in Bradford to do the same!

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