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    • 28 JUL 17
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    The Netflix Workout

    The Netflix Workout

    The new season of Game of Thrones (or insert favourite tv series here) is here and you can’t wait to watch it! But instead of watching it with your favourite comfort food, why not include a workout routine instead?

    Working out without moving from your sofa is possible! Trick yourself into flattening your stomach, firming arms and tapered legs, within the time of a movie or an episode of your favourite series!

    Warm Up

    Lying on your stomach, stretch the right arm and left leg for 10 seconds in the prolongation of the body. Pause for 10 seconds. Repeat with left arm and right leg: Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat it 4 times on each side. Be careful not to stay in a snorkel, and keep breathing during your exercises.

    Strengthening Adductors

    Sit at the edge of the couch or a large balloon, the back straight and feet anchored to the floor. Grab a cushion and chock it between your thighs. Tighten hard enough for 30 seconds then release for 5 seconds. Repeat 4 times then tighten again, this time jerkily, for 2 minutes.

    Working The Biceps

    Take a bottle of water in each hand and sit on the edge of the sofa or balloon, with your back straight and feet anchored to the floor. Place the elbows on the body and alternately mount the left bottle and the right bottle with the palms facing the ceiling. Do as many repetitions as possible for 4 minutes!

    Muscle Buttocks

    Lying on the right side, raise the knees so that the thighs make a right angle with the body. Lift the left leg straight as high as possible and draw an 8 with the toe of the foot. Attention: the movement must be slow (10 seconds at least). Do 6 times on each side.

    Draw The Abs

    Lying on your back, arms up on your body, lift your knees on his chest. Attention: do not put anything under your head and keep well the lumbar plated on the ground. Inhale, then contract the abs for 10 seconds by exhaling through the mouth. You should repeat 10 times with 3 seconds of pause each time.


    Firming The Thighs

    Lying on the right side, resting on the elbow, legs well stretched, lift the left leg as high as possible and go down gently without touching the right leg. For ease, you Playing sports without moving from your couch is possible! 

    Stretching Smoothly

    Put yourself on your knees, buttocks on your heels. Stretch your arms as far as you can, without lifting your buttocks and keeping your head down and your back flat. Hold for 6 seconds, release 3 seconds and repeat 3 times. Breathe deeply through the mouth.

    sofa workout

    Our Advice

    For this small training, it is essential to repeat it regularly: 3 times a week, minimum! There are also some basic rules: do not forget to breathe (inspiration through the nose, exhalation through the mouth), perform the movements slowly and controlled and, above all, stop everything if the pain becomes acute. The most courageous will be able to contract the abs and/or the buttocks at each exercise.

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